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Computer Running Slow Fix

Simple Ideas For A Computer Running Slow

One of the most common problems that PC users encounter is the computer running slow. Since this is such a common problem, you should equip yourself with some knowledge on how to fix such problem. Before you waste your money on a new computer or an expensive repair, you should check your computer for its speed first and then work toward getting it running at maximum performance. There are many ways in which you can speed up your computer; there are even programs that are available in computer stores and even online to help solve the problem in just a matter of minutes.

Some of the best things you can do to fix a computer running slow is simply removing unused and temporary files that you do not need and are not really that important. These types of files occupy too much space in the storage and can slow down your computer, tremendously. computer running slowRemoving the unnecessary files will hopefully speed up the computer, but be careful to copy or save any files you may want again in the future.

Have your computer analyzed and find out where the problem is… you can do it right NOW! A large percentage of computer problems can be found by running a test of your computer’s registry. The test or scan does not cost you anything… and after you see the test results you decide the next step… just click below – for the FREE SCAN now.slow running computer

You could also try to defrag your computer; Microsoft even recommends defragging your computer at least once a month, doing this can help the computer speed up. This maybe is the solution to the slow computer problem. If you are not performing this to your computer, then do it now. To defrag go to Programs then Accessories then System Tools and then Disk Defragmenter and follow the instructions.

You also may need to remove any unimportant startup items. The only important items that you should keep running are the firewall and antivirus. You need to disable the windows startup screen so that booting up your computer will be faster. Use the MSCONFIG to quickly remove and add items used at startup.

Another thing that could make your computer runs faster is by changing the BIOS booting arrangement. By changing this boot sequence the computer will search on the hard drive directly, hence, will give the computer fewer minutes in booting up. The thing that could affect the performance of your computer is the amount of files that you have uploaded through your computer through the years.

The last but very essential step that you can do to fix the problem is cleaning up registry errors. If you do not usually do this, you will probably be surprise at all the errors that you will find in your system after scanning your registry. Cleaning up registry errors, can make your computer run faster.

Removing cookies, temporary windows/internet files should also be done regularly to help improve the speed of your browser.

There are many reasons behind a computer running slow. If you are someone that uses your computer a lot, this can really be annoying, but with all the different solutions available, you will surely find one that will work in your computer, to help it run faster.

There are many registry cleaning software available for download. The one we recommend is PC Cleaner. It is multifunction tool that will help with viruses, spyware, malware and general optimization as well as registry errors. This will eliminate the possibility of programs such as your virus program and your spyware program are not compatible with each other.

Can The Registry Be Causing A Computer Running Slow Issue?

slow running PCThis is an important consideration. The registry is a data base specified area where configurations for the operating system as well as programs added to your PC. It is many times the reason for a computer running slow. The registry is discussed in detail by Wikipedia (click Here to go to the page referenced) in a lot of depth. The use of a registry was started with the Windows 3.1 operating system and is considered by some to have too many problems and should have been replaced or changed. To date nothing has been changed up through the Windows 7 OS.

Some of the limitations and problems with registries that they listed are:
• Installing and un-installing some applications because their files cannot be copied into the registry.
• Device drivers can be affected if the registry already has errors and affect the program.
• Certain applications will have to be completely in sync with the registry and cause issues when they are deleted rather than uninstalled.
• Registries and portable devices are causing problems.

As you can see there is much to be considered in a computer running slow and your PC’s registry. When Windows introduced Vista it made some changes that have helped at least some. Registry Virtualization in Vista and Win 7 will redirect applications to other areas rather than the registry if the applications does not meet the standards Window requires. This protect the registry from contamination.

The Wikipedia page also goes over manual editing of the registry. You can get to the registry by using the search bar above the Start button and typing in “regedit”. Inside you can find files by user, etc. Since this is something above most of our pay-grade it is not recommended that you make changes yourself. A wrong entry can cause irreversible and possibly catastrophic damage. It would even be wise to back up the registry before letting a professional edit it.

A good registry optimization software can probably help a computer running slow without the danger, hassle or cost of a manual editing.

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